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These are most, but not all of the audioerotica recordings I've released online so far. I lost a bunch of sound clips when my year-old SoundCloud account was unexpected banned due to new rules against "obscenity." I'm working to re-upload the missing clips though, so check back!

Fantasising about
my little sister

I’ve always thought my sister was attractive- but while talking with a new friend on xHamster recently, I basically realized that I *really* find her attractive. That was a couple days ago.

Just last night, I bashfully admitted to Mr. S that I’d started secretly fantasizing about seeing him with her… He wasn’t as disgusted as he should have been… Instead he asked me what I had in mind- and this is the result :)

In this one, there’s (very wet sounding) fisting, I have a few orgasms while talking about my some of my fantasies involving my sister (including a bit about a gangbang… Does it make any difference to anyone that she’s a redhead?), and finished by getting off while being jerked off inside of (entire hand & cock inside me).

The bit at the very end is related to a verification post I made on reddit


Gangbang with a funnel (and worse) fantasy (pt. 1)

In this part, I forced a Fleshlight insert into myself, then made Mr. S fuck me with it inside. I got a little greedy though, and stopped him towards the end so I could add a pair of hand-sized Ben Wa balls into the mix before we got back to it.

Gangbang with a funnel (and worse) fantasy (pt. 2)

In this one, I got off while fantasizing about a gangbang involving a funnelcopious amounts of semen, and with maybe a… touch of my pregnancy fetish.

Knocked up by my little brother fantasy

I’ve been having a lot of baby-machine fantasies lately. In this one, I talked a bit about my surrogacy fetish, then had a couple hard orgasms while fantasizing about what’d I’d do if I got my little brother to knock me up… things like how I’d cover my tracks (I had a pretty great plan… probably :p)

Sex-addicted sex-slave
sci-fi fantasy

The audio clip below begins with me talking about a sci-fi fantasy of mine as Mr. S fists me. 

It wasn’t very clear since some of it was cut-off, but I was imagining that I’d been captured by some kind of military group who where trying to get information out of me- maybe security codes or secret coordinates or something.

They’d threaten to put a large alien parasite/symbiote/something inside me, but I’d be brave and refuse to give in. The creature would need male seed in order to survive and would squirm around inside me and release chemicals/hormones that would make me hypersensitive and drive me wild with the need to fuck *anything* willing to fuck me. 

To solidify my captivity, the military guys would take turns fucking or just gang banging me until I was completely addicted to having the creature inside me.

After I got to the point where they’d stop fucking me and I’d just sit there masturbating and playing with the semen as it dripped out of me, they’d threaten to take the parasite out of me… That’s when I’d break and promise to give up the information, as long as they let me keep the creature and have them continue to fuck me. It didn’t come out that clearly or well developed because I was being fisted at the time, but that’s what I was getting off to.

It gets very wet and sloppy sounding. I have a few of my spasming orgasms. After I recover, I force Mr. S to jerk of inside me, entire hand and fist (3:11). After that I have to keep burying my face in the pillow to muffle my noises (as you can tell I didn’t do a very good job). Then I talk about the afterglow of my orgasm and describe how my used vagina feels.

I also may or may not have mentioned fantasizing about being pregnant and filled with cum towards the end… I actually didn’t remember saying anything about pregnancy til Mr. S had me listen to the recording though XD


Sci-fi egg birthing fantasy
(audio from the cucumber video)

I filled myself with a cucumber so wide that it wouldn’t fit til I sat down on top of it to force it in :D

I might have also gotten a bit more into some of my weirder fantasies involving alien eggs this time too… (Mr. S thinks the best part is at about 3 minutes in)
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