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Plutonian Propagation
Chapter 1

(Re)created by Mr. S
Edited by SheilaStretch of SheilaStretch.LegitKink.net
The following is a re-imagining of Kris P. Kreme's classic "Propagators from the Planet Pluto." I originally set out to make some minor edits to a 5 page short story from chapter 2 to smooth some edges Sheila thought were a little rough, and to turn it into more of a story Sheila and I could enjoy together  ...but somehow it turned into a 20 page mass of almost entirely new material. It was never intended to be posted online, but Sheila read it once and literally forbade me from not sharing it online... and so here we are!
PS. For those of you who aren't into incest at all, don't worry, it doesn't actually go the way it seems like it's going to go for at least 2 more chapters! 

“I understand, sir. I will report back after initial testing is complete.” 
Xobekuj, a member of the Pluto's Experimental Propagation Force, lowered his communicator and looked around him. The weather was cool on this part of Earth, but wherever it was, it wasn’t nearly cool enough for his tastes. With how close the Earth was to the sun compared to his terrestrial home, just maintaining his inviso-shield was already straining on his protective suit's energy levels.

Approaching the first dwelling in the human "neighborhood," Xobekuj suddenly realized he'd never been told what exactly it was that this so-called "Mark 2 Propagation Pistol" actually did... Though, if it was truly a more powerful version of the Mark 1 weapon he'd read the reports about, then he was in for quite an interesting experiment.

Filling the porch with his bulky, leathery alien form, Xobekuj looked at the small entrance to the dwelling. Sure enough, just as the scouts had reported, there was a small illuminated button to the side of the home's front portal.

Reaching forward with a thin, clawed hand and pressing the little button released a high-pitched ringing sound that grated on Xobekuj's nerves, causing all three of his outer ear drums to throb with discomfort.

“Jeremy, can you get that?” Claire called from the kitchen.

“Awww... mom, I just started a game on the SINtendo Kevin loaned me! Can't you do it?”

“Jeremy, you can play your little video games any time. I asked you to get the door!” she replied, her voice tinged with more than a hint of annoyance.

“Ugh. whatever,” Jeremy grumbled. Standing and dropping his game controller onto the couch, the young man trudged off towards the front door.

“Hello...?" called the smaller human who'd opened the dwelling's front door. Xobekuj remained perfectly still, having never seen a human up so close before. The boy looked right at him, and for a moment, Xobekuj worried that his inviso-shield had failed... But much to his relief, the human boy turned and looked back into the house.

“There’s nobody here, mom!”

‘Mom,’ Xobekuj thought, well that was an appropriate name to call the young, generously chested woman the boy spoke to. Raising up the experimental Mark 2 Pistol to his chest, Xobekuj fired at point blank, the brief shot of energy catching the teenager in the sternum.

Jeremy felt a sudden, intense tingling sensation that flooded his chest, and then it was gone. He wobbled back and forth for a moment, holding onto the door frame for support, and wondering what was going on.

As his mind cleared, he suddenly felt okay again. Even better than okay. And suddenly, he was struck with a wickedly fun idea.

Leaving door opened wide, the boy turned and ran through the house towards the kitchen.

“Mom, I don’t wanna play SINtendo anymore!” he announced cheerily.

“That’s nice, honey,” Claire answered him, mostly ignoring her son as she studied a recipe book on the counter.

“You know why, mom?” Jeremy asked. In seconds, the boy was standing closely behind his mother, a slight smirk working its way across his features as he looked her over.

“I don’t know. Why is that, dear?” Claire absentmindedly asked, completely failing to notice how close Jeremy was suddenly standing...

“Cause I wanna fuck you pregnant!” Jeremy told her with beaming confidence.

Claire dropped the book to the counter and looked up, the gears in her head racing to convince her she was imagining things ...but soon as the boy's hands found themselves wandering across her hips in an all-too-intimate way, the woman spun around to glare at him.

“Jeremy Waters, what did you just say to your mother?!”

Had she really heard him right?

“I said I'm going to stretch that flat tummy of yours out with a baby, mom!” He told her, his response coming just a little too loud and enthusiastically for the sick joke Claire knew it had to be.

Acting as if it were the most normal thing in the world, Jeremy reached out and tried to grab at his mother’s generous chest through the emerald green of her silk blouse.

Mom has huge tits, Jeremy thought to himself. Jeremy just knew his dad probably had lots of fun playing with them. His buddies at school had all gone wild when he'd once showed them a picture of his family at the beach, his mother wearing a bikini that left little to the imagination. At the time, he hadn't gotten it, but now he could finally see what they saw. Now he finally understood what the "big deal" was.

“What's gotten into you, Jeremy? I don’t know what kind of horrible joke you think you’re playing, but it's seriously not funny.” Claire told him, pulling away from her son and pacing back towards the front of the house.

“I wasn’t trying to be funny mom - I just think you really look pretty!”

“Well thanks-" she said, the unexpected compliment catching her slightly off guard, "but that doesn’t change what I said. That isn't something that's okay to joke about!”

What kind of people was he hanging out with at school, to even hear language like that?

“Yeah mom, but I think you’ll look even prettier after I fuck a few babies into you!” Jeremy let out, an impish grin making its way across his face.

“That’s it! You go to your room and stay there- right this second, Jeremy! I don’t know what the hell is going through your head right now!” Claire, finally exploded back at him, the exasperation clear in her voice. Turning and walking into the hall, Claire saw that Jeremy had left the front door wide open and shook her head.

“You even left the door wide open Jeremy! I can’t believe you today! What if a neighbor had walked by and heard you saying things like that? What would people think then?"

Jeremy followed his mother out to the open door, neither of them aware of Xobekuj observing their every move.

“Mom, you shouldn’t worry so much about what comes out of my mouth. ...I think you’ll like what comes out of a hard cock a lot more!” he told her excitedly, the words seeming to come to him easily.

“Dammit, Jeremy, you just wait until your father gets home-” Claire said, her voice edged with frustration as she reached a well manicured hand out to push the stained oak and glass door closed. Why was he being like this?

Seeing the door beginning to close, Xobekuj seized his chance and squeezed the trigger of the experimental pistol for the second time.

This time, the shot went wide, the energy burst only barely glancing across the green eyed woman's extended right shoulder. Still, a hit was a hit.

Hidden from sight, the alien experimenter watched his subject sway back and forth slightly as she let the doorknob fall free from her grip.

Falling back against the doorframe, she looked uncertainly about her. One moment, Claire was struggling to make sense of the way her son was acting, and the next, she suddenly couldn't get over how strange she felt...

It seemed as if though a sharp wave of tingling nerves had suddenly begun in her arm, then extended outward to cover her entire body. Suddenly everything was spinning.

The next thing Claire noticed was the sound of her own breathing, her breaths  coming in shallow pants as she found herself looking over at Jeremy, suddenly looking at the boy through new eyes. For some reason, the woman just couldn’t wrap her brain around what she’d been about to tell her son. She stood there, puzzled and contemplating what to do as Jeremy stepped forward.

Claire's mind raced as she fought to make sense of this new sense of perspective, her view of the world only subtly altered, and yet totally alien in sensation. Gears turned as she fought to reconcile this new sense of self with the deeply rooted moral values she'd taken as granted for almost 32 years.

Deep inside, from somewhere she couldn't quite pinpoint, Claire felt a sudden and intense throbbing ache, a newly awakened sense of need unlike anything she had to compare it to ...but even as much as this new... hunger (that's what it was) gnawed at her insides, she found she still couldn't quite explain it. It was too new to give it a name, but... somehow it felt ...nice. Almost... Exciting.

As she contemplated the source of this newfound ache in her core, Claire let her eyes close for a moment, her breathing still coming in pants, quick and shallow.

In her mind, she was assailed with images -vivid ones- that the she knew the old her would have been utterly repulsed by.

Even this... 'new' Claire felt embarrassment at the sick, perverse, vulgar thoughts that now flooded through her mind like an unstoppable torrent... but this... feeling... this was something different. Something new.

Rather than the disgust she should have been feeling, what Claire felt was a feeling that could come only with inexperience- a sensation that came simply from not understanding how to deal with these... new feelings- this sense of throbbing need suddenly sparked between her legs.

Though she'd never fully be able to explain it herself, what she felt was a feeling of embarrassment that came from simply realizing just how much she liked what she was seeing. Anything that felt that good to look at, to even think about, had to be wrong.

Claire had never been more certain of anything in her life.

In her mind's eye, she floated, disembodied and detached, watching 'herself' from afar, as if it were someone else moving her body for her. Claire saw herself with a man- any man. A whole room of men. It didn't matter.

In her mind she saw herself fucking total strangers without reservation, humping wildly back against partner after partner as if a woman possessed.  As she fucked and fucked, raising her body up and thrusting down again and again with pent up need, her pendulous breasts wobbled on her chest, each rock hard nipple decorated by a single, thick silver piercing that bounced with the rolling motion of her almost-frantic rhythm.

Bracing herself with both hands against the mattress behind her, Claire's chest proudly thrust forward as one stranger finished inside her and was quickly replaced with another, the whore sliding herself down onto the 'fresh' cock in  cowgirl position, a set of piercings around her belly button catching in the light as she thrust down, forcing the thick, strange cock into herself.

Clearly not satisfied with 'just' being filled by cock after anonymous cock as they were offered, Claire watched herself lift a supporting hand from the bed, briefly tugging at her pierced nipples, then wrapping her fingers yet another stranger's erection, guiding it greedily to her full red lips, and extending her tongue to play with the tip.

Even as she watched herself continue to thrust, fucking herself needily up and down on the hard cock buried in her pubic mound, her trimmed pubic fur, sticky and matted with countless quantities of strangers' gooey cum- Claire was shocked yet again as her depraved twin's double pierced tongue made itself known, slipping out of Whore Claire's mouth to hungrily wrap itself around the offered member, the cool, silver piercings on other side of her lusty tongue slowly caressing the throbbing cock as it entered her, begging it to explode into her obviously well-experienced mouth. 

Claire suddenly became aware of a distinct, rhythmic jangling sound in the air.  Looking down to where cunt and strange cock rushed hurriedly to meet again and again, she suddenly realized that not only had Whore Claire pierced her clit -more than once, even- but her labia were covered in piercings too- so many that they audibly jangled with each and every thrust.

...And then, most importantly (a detail she found she couldn't stop herself from focusing, even obsessing on), she saw herself fucking bareback, the 'minor' detail made painfully obvious by the way more and more anonymous cum dribbled and leaked out of The Slut's sloppy hole with every new lover's thrust.

Claire could see the cum spilling out of her overfilled hole, leaking out around her piercings and down her thighs and onto the sheets to form a sticky mess between her legs.

Her cunt was a sloppy, gaping, wrecked mess. She knew she should have been horrified, but... she couldn't bring herself look away.

As each new partner's thick, white seed pulsed and spilled inside her, the cock was quickly pulled out and another immediately moved in to take his place, forcing even more cum out of her already sloppy hole.

With how loose Whore Claire's once-tight hole had grown from the abuse she'd clearly been heaping on herself, much of newly added cum leaked out almost immediately. The woman had obviously been *very* well used...

But of course, even that wasn't enough for her. Claire watched helplessly as The Whore controlling her body used a free hand to scoop as much spilled seed as she could back into herself.

As the woman rubbed slick, cum covered fingers up and down across her own piercings, Claire could only look on as her body-double seemed to almost-leisurely savor the sensation of trying to push even more of the 'wasted' seed back into herself- even as her current lover thrust in and out of her insatiable hole, obviously preparing to fill her with a fresh load.

Claire felt her mouth water as she watched herself take yet another load of thick, gooey cum. As she watched, transfixed, she'd swear she could count the pulses of the stranger's cock buried inside her. Four... five... six... Oh God...

She was so turned on she couldn't even think straight anymore ...and then, there was still that throbbing inside her...

In the real world, it became obvious to Claire that the throbbing need she was experiencing was localized to the area around her womb, but... still, it was difficult to say what, exactly, it was that she needed...

Opening her eyes again, she looked out at the world with new eyes... And new priorities.

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