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Plutonian Propagation
Chapter 3

(Re)created by Mr. S
Edited by SheilaStretch of SheilaStretch.LegitKink.net
The following is a re-imagining of Kris P. Kreme's classic "Propagators from the Planet Pluto." I originally set out to make some minor edits to a 5 page short story from chapter 2 to smooth some edges Sheila thought were a little rough, and to turn it into more of a story Sheila and I could enjoy together  ...but somehow it turned into a 20 page mass of almost entirely new material. It was never intended to be posted online, but Sheila read it once and literally forbade me from not sharing it online... and so here we are!

[Claire shook herself out of her... dream. And suddenly a puzzle piece clicked into place. That sensation in her womb- suddenly she knew what had to happen. And suddenly, it really didn't seem like such a bad thing, even if it was her own son who might end up being the one to do it to her ....And in some perverse way, the thoughts, the doubts she still about how 'wrong' what she seriously thinking about doing almost made the whole thing even better... The old Claire was gone. And the new Claire...]

"Can... can you even imagine how big my fucking tits would get if you fucked a baby into me?” were the words that came out of her mouth. Still not certain she could even go through with something like that, the words came uncertain and unsteadily, but... just saying the words aloud felt right. Even just saying the words out loud for the first time sent an involuntary shock of pleasure through her system.

"God. I'd end up fucking covered in stretch marks..." She ran her hands up her all-too-smooth hips and sides, tracing imaginary stretch marks to come across her belly breasts and hips. "Stretch marks from my own son fucking me all big and pregnant..." She rubbed her belly unconsciously.  "Everyone would fucking know..."

"I fucking need something in me so baadly... Godddd...." Her hands reached out instinctively grabbing at her son’s t-shirt and pulling him hard against her, almost pulling him off his feet.  He steadied himself, and began exploring her curves with eager hands. Claire ground her crotch against Jeremy with uncontrollable desire, the feelings coursing through her body totally alien and unlike anything she'd ever felt before. She didn't want to do this- she *needed* it. Desperately.

Finally, the burning, sinful urges inside her taking over, a lurid grin worked itself across Claire's lips as she grabbed her son by the hand, almost pulling him into the living room.

Xobekuj leaned in through the opening of their home and observed the two moving toward the down and dirty business of baby making.

Jeremy let his hands roam all over his mother’s body, especially paying close attention to her huge, wobbling breasts, the flimsy material of her blouse providing an all-too-unwelcome barrier against int his wandering hands. He looked the woman in the eyes as though seeing her for the first time and slipped one hand down the front of her skirt, poking at her wet and absolutely dripping cunt.

“I can't wait to knock you up all fucking full of babies, Mom,” Jeremy whispered in her ear, grinning widely as he did so. Still not even totally sure she could go through with this, Claire's eyes widened with deep seeded arousal.

Running her hands over her son’s crotch and feeling one monster of an erection, she couldn’t think of anything other than getting that thing inside her. “Oh God..." she said, grinding at the air, her reproductive systems thrown completely into overdrive past all reasoning- "I need to be full of cum so *fucking* badly...” She struggled against her suddenly restrictive blouse.

"Oh my God I can't believe I'm even thinking about doing something like this with my own son, but God... I just need to be full of kicking, squirming, wriggling life so fucking badly right now... God, Oh God...."

"I-I need you to f-fuuck me!" She managed to groan out finally, her voice dripping with all the lust of a woman almost outright begging her own son to fuck her full of wriggling, womb expanding babies.

Babies. God, how many could she even give birth to if she really tried? She imagined how big she might get- how many stretch marks would line her breasts and belly, every silvery line serving as a permanent reminder of each pregnancy even long after it was over... She shuddered again at the thought, again imagining her body covered in those silvery white lines, those signs of her body expanding in all directions, her belly growing uncontrollably as her womb filled with kicking, writhing life until it was finally time to stretch her already abused slit again with another delicious birthing... Oh God - she was going to set a record, or at least do her damndest, that she knew.

The woman put a hand against his chest and shoved her son down on his back, right in the middle of the living room floor, where they usually sat on Friday nights and played board games as a family. Unzipping Jeremy’s pants and reaching her slender fingers in to cradle his throbbing erection, Claire realized this was a much more entertaining type of game.

Jeremy reached up and grabbed at his mother’s shirt, tearing the delicate material as her overflowing, bra-clad tits fell out into view. He smiled as she continued stroking his cock and he pulled at her bra, letting her huge melons fall out into his grip.

“Oh honey, let’s skip this and get right down to *fucking.* I need to be pregnant, and I need to be pregnant fucking now. Please- ", she finally said the words - " I need my big handsome son to fuck a baby into me right now - before your father get's homeee-" she stretched the word out as a wave of lust washed over her again.”We can focus on having 'fun' after I'm good and knocked up..." Coming out as little more than a whisper, the words sent another shiver through her. It all just felt so... wrong, and yet so...

“You got it mom!”

Claire's body moving on autopilot, she slipped her skirt off and stripped the remains of her shirt off onto the floor. Looking at her son, she couldn't help but think, really think about what she was really about to do.

Taking his warm, surprisingly thick cock in her hand, she found herself squatting over him, poising her dripping slit above the forbidden cum spout below. Oh my God, was she actually doing this? Could she really go through with something so utterly and unquestionably wrong?

Even with those thoughts still in her mind, Claire's body wasted little time with what she wanted. Filled with unbearable anticipation, almost as if in a dream, she felt herself rubbed the forbidden, incestuous cock tip up and down the outside of her dripping slit, teasing herself and savoring the edge of this ultimate taboo for as long as she could take it. She knew there would be no turning back if she actually went through with this. Even now, she could still go back...

Another wave of lust washed over her and all reason went out the window. She couldn't let herself come this close to what she needed so badly and then just not do it- right?

Completely unable to fight the burning urge in her dripping loins any longer, she slid in the tip, looking down at herself and staring intently at the union of mother and son, watching it go in as she did so, and feeling a shudder of absolute pleasure, of absolute *rightness* course through her as he slid into her for the first time.

The sight of watching her own son's cock sliding into the place he'd come from drove an indescribable shock of wanton pleasure through her body. She was a slut. A complete whore for giving in and letting herself do this. She knew exactly how wrong what she was doing was- but it just didn't matter. It wasn't that she didn't care about what the taboo she was breaking- she did- it was simply that the need now burning inside her was that great.

At first she was tentative- gentle, slowly inserting her own son's cock into that slick, wet chasm where she needed him most, savoring each ridge and bump of slick flesh against flesh- but instincts quickly took over and she found herself roughly grinding down and slamming her hips down hard against his over and over with an uncontrollable, frantic energy she hadn't known she possessed.

“Oh fuuuuck, mom! You feel so good inside! You were fucking made for this- Getting fucking *fucked* and having fucking babies.” Jeremy managed to grunt out as Claire herself bounced up and down, nearly knocking the wind out of her son as she pounded her raw pussy on his cock with urgent need.

“Oh yeah... Oh god. Oh -fuuuuck. Fuck yeah, come on baby. Fucking cum in me baby. Fucking- just fucking *do* it,” Claire whimpered as she fucked herself hard against her boy, closing her eyes and savoring the incredible sensation of sliding up and down on her own son's bare cock, the thick rod filling her cunt in ways she'd never felt before The Change.

Why hadn’t she been doing this for years, she wondered? If anything could feel this amazing- this perfect- why *wouldn’t* she want her own son to fuck her slutty cunt all pregnant and full of kicking, squirming life, and then do it all over again, again and again? Just the thought of it blew her mind with stimulation.

Jeremy grinned and reached up, massaging his mother’s thin, well maintained waist, watching as his cock filled her cunt. Her movement and weight, combined with the sight of such huge tits jiggling and sloshing from side to side as they hung down on her chest, were bringing him closer and closer to a most satisfying and unprecedented climax.

“Ohhh, Oh fuuuck. Fucking Gooood fuck. Fuck. Fucking do it! Fucking do it, Jeremy! Do it, please- please please fucking fuck me fucking *pregnant,* make me a fucking knocked up baby machine whore so everyone will know I'm knocked up with my own fucking son's- Oh Godddddd.” Claire let out a groan as a massive orgasm tore through her body at even the thought of something so fucking wrong - so taboo. So fucking sexy.

It was unlike any orgasm she'd ever had before. Where before The Change, sex with her husband had been best described as 'fun' at times, this was something else entirely- something life changingly addictive.  She didn't even pause in her thrusts, her body fully on auto-pilot as the orgasm wiped her mind white- but before she'd even come down, her body, ever hungry for more, was already ready for the next orgasm.

"R-ready for cum-" Her breathing was heavy, panting as she tried to get the words out, throwing herself up and down at such a frantic pace she almost didn’t hear the boy grunt out loud. She did however, feel an unmistakable twitch- the twitch of a young boy's cock about to explode deep inside of her. She closed her eyes so she could experience *all* of it.

And suddenly, a flash of clarity washed over Claire, and her thrusting instantly stopped. With a single frantic motion, she pulled herself off her son's cock, the stiff rod falling out of her gooey snatch. The boy's orgasm couldn't be stopped and spurted harmless across her belly- rather than deep within her cunt where moments ago, every instinct in her body had screamed, begged for it to go.

Breathing deep with a sudden sense of panic she hadn't been feeling moments before, she looked down at herself and ran a fearful finger across her gooey slit, suddenly afraid that some of her own son's sperm had reached its intended destination. She knew she absolutely couldn't let that happen. Not now.

Claire had always been an intelligent and willful woman, able to overcome where most might not. And in this moment, she'd overcome the bestial urges driving her body- her intelligence and willpower had won out. Had saved her.

With only a small squeak of displeasure, Claire ran out of the room, away from the son she'd felt so compelled to fuck only moments before- and finding her work case in the study room, threw it open, throwing bottles and utensils aside, searching until.... found it!

Pulling a small white bottle out of her natal clinic work bag, she thanked God that she'd brought it home with her. Her body shuddering with lustful anticipation of what she was about to do to herself, she let out a squeal of satisfied joy, teasing herself with the round white container, knowing full well what it would do to her - knowing just how bad it was, but also, just how much she needed to do it...

Running the bottle leisurely across her belly and up under her breasts and across her throat, Claire brought the bottle to face level, giggling at the thought of how far ahead she was planning.

"Fertility drugs. Warning, take 1 (ONE) as directed. More will result in multiple births."

God, yesssssss.

Fighting the safety seal and throwing off the top of the little plastic bottle, Claire dumped the contents of bottle into her mouth, quickly washing them down with water from the sink. She needed to be sure she'd have enough in her. She couldn't waste this. She couldn't let herself be so short sighted as to 'waste' a pregnancy with only one baby. She wouldn't be full enough, and she'd never make a record that way... No, just one certainly wouldn't be enough. Two, maybe... she felt like she needed at least 3. At least three this time. Just to see how it felt.

She shuddered as she suddenly envisioned the stretch marks she'd wear for life- the wrecked cunt that would probably never close up again if she really went through with this...

Claire couldn't explain why she had such a conflicting urge to fuck every cock in sight paired with a strangely compelling urge to stretch and wreck and ruin her baby machine of a cunt until it gaped so loosely that even the hugest of cocks would barely touch the sides... Claire shuddered again with delight.

It... it would be fine, she reasoned - even when she ended up too loose to fuck (it was a 'when', not 'if'), she could still get pregnant, she decided to herself- even if she did the sort of stuff she was thinking about... She just needed cum in her to get pregnant, didn't she? Fucking could be entirely optional. A funnel and strangers jerking off into her gaping maw would be fucking fine if that's what it took.

Oh god- a cum funnel overflowing with strange, anonymous cum donated by God only knows who... Black, white, asian - it wouldn't matter at all as long as she could get pregnant. She'd never even know the race of the man who'd knocked her up until it was time to give birth again in front of anybody who would care to watch... another shudder of lust wracked her body.

With her goal met, her run of 'logical' though completed, Claire could finally do what she'd need to do so badly she could scream.

Running a finger along her belly, she scooped a glob of cooling, incestuous sperm onto a finger and used it to tease herself briefly, smearing the forbidden sperm across her outer lips, savoring the edge of knowing she could never go back if she actually did this do this to herself...

She looked down at her belly and traced her fingers where she imagined where the stretch marks would go. Maybe a few here on the sides... some around her belly... God... She couldn't wait anymore.

Hoping against hope that by now that the fertility drugs had made their way into her system, she let the alien urges inside her take over completely. Instinct overcame reason, and Claire couldn't stop herself anymore, dipping a sperm covered finger all the way into her motherly slit as she caressed her all-too-flat belly.

And then, as her son's cum made first contact with her silky inner walls, everything just felt right. Perfect. Even without a cock to spurt it insider her, the introduction of the creamy white substance was... intense, to put it lightly. The earlier orgasm had been nice... life-alteringly habit-forming even - but this... this...

With the Changes in her body fully in effect, Claire felt as if she'd gained an entirely new sense- as the forbidden semen entered her body, it felt as if she could recognize the delicious feeling of each individual sperm cell that entered her gooey slit, her body shuddering with relief as she finally introduced the precious, forbidden white goo to her most sacred of places.

The orgasm during sex earlier had been amazing, fantastic- even life altering, certainly, but even that was *nothing* compared to even the sensation of simply just pushing live sperm inside herself- not even fucking, just knowing that she was inseminating herself with her own son's future wriggling, writhing young... Oh, God... Each little droplet, that entered her felt breathtaking in its intensity.

Claire felt another shudder roll through her as she imagined how it might feel to have the hot gooey cum sprayed inside her next time, directly spilling into her ripe, ready womb, knocking her up with her own son's forbidden brood.

God- a fucking baby machine. A baby factory just meant to be fucked- not even fucked- that part didn't matter- God, she just needed to be filled with cum. That would be enough. They could just put a funnel in her gaping, used, birth-wrecked hole and jerk off into it- that would be enough to knock her up again. And when she pushed that litter out, she'd knew she'd be immediately ready for the next set offspring to be fucked or spilled into her. An unappologetic slut - a baby-machine of a whore, only concerned with who she could get to knock her up next... Clair shuddered again with uncontrolled delight, knowing she'd never again be able to give this feeling up - it was too much to ask. She needed more.

Claire used a second finger to scoop some of the cum off her belly and feed it into her hungry slit, but even as she savored the sensation of using the two fingers to coat her own inner walls with her son's gooey white sperm, desperately hoping with every fiber of her being to guarantee conception, she needed more.

Like a delicious bowl of the finest ice cream, just small scoops wasn't getting it where it needed to be quickly enough- Claire found herself using her hand to scoop up even more of the incestuous seed- a palm-full this time. Raising her pelvis into the air, she used one hand to spread her motherly lips apart, and angling her cum filled hand downward, letting the sticky, forbidden seed funnel into her, slowly dribbling into her warm, fertile cunt.

And with this, she was guaranteed -at the very minimum- twins, and hopefully more... She needed to be huge. There was no part about the thought of being knocked up with her own son's (or anyone who could get into her while she was 'empty,' to be fair) brood mare that she didn't love. She needed to feel those wriggling, squirming kicks inside her belly- that life filling her and stretching her delightfully from the inside, scratching that perverse itch until it was time to stretch her birthing hole yet again.... "God, I can't believe I'm actually doing this...!"

“Wow, mom! You’re such a fucking slut!” Jeremy said, entering the room after having witnessed his mother's wanton display of inseminating herself with her fingers using her own flesh and blood son's gooey white semen. “Is there any chance you’ll get pregnant? Maybe with twins?”

“Maybe more. God, I hope more...” Claire said, “But God, I love being fucked full of fucking cum. God. Promise me you'll fuck me again? I've got fertility drugs in me now, so if you cum inside me this time, I'll definitely at least pregnant enough to not waste a birthing with only one baby now..."

“Oh I promise, you slutty cow!” Jeremy said, taking a nipple into his mouth. He knelt down between her spread legs, pushed them further apart, and slid back into his own (very grateful) mother for another round. Claire was more than ready.

Xobekuj stared on, quite pleased at the display. Now that is what I call a mother, he thought, making his way off the porch and crossing the street towards his next home.

[The end(?)]

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