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Chapter 2

Written by SheilaStretch of SheilaStretch.LegitKink.net
Edited by Mr. S 

Clause gave her a concerned sniff. 

“No, boy. I’m fine.” Jane gave him a reassuring scratch between the ears, then gently tried to push him away.

Undeterred, Clause sniffed insistently at her outstretched hand, and catching the scent on her fingers, began excitedly lapping at the juices on them.

Jane blushed, but found herself hard pressed to come up with a particular reason not to let him do it. Almost before she’d had time to even think, Clause had finished with her hand, and gave the air a loud, inquisitive sniff before putting his paws up on the edge of the bed and leaning forward to nuzzle his cold, wet, black nose between her naked thighs.

This was a new sensation entirely, and her deeply ingrained sense of modesty kicked in. Jane tried to cover herself up with a corner of richly colored quilt, but as she fought to cut him off, she noticed something small and red protrude between his belly and bed. Jane watched in fascination as Clause slowly grew more erect.

Powerful muscles coiled, and with a nimble leap Clause was on the bed sitting in front of her, frantically assaulting her face with soft, wet kisses. She scratched under his ears and laughed softly as she dodged his attempts to lick her mouth. He licked at her ears and neck, the sensation making her nipples grow hard involuntarily. As her pet’s head dipped down for a moment, she nuzzled the back of his neck while scratching his shoulders and breathing in his scent. Without warning, his tongue darted between her labia.

His soft, moist tongue began to lap at her most secret of openings, sending unfamiliar electric shocks running up to her nipples. Goosebumps swarmed over her flesh and her breathing became sharp and labored as his tongue explored her

Suddenly concerned, Jane tried to push him back with both hands, certain this had to be wrong- but Clause pushed on, leaning hard against her and furiously wagging his tail as he delved deeper with his tongue, lapping at her juices right from their source.

His enthusiasm was as overpowering as the newly discovered sensations. She tried to think of a way to make him stop, to be firm… but she as tried to wrack her brain, she realized she couldn’t quite think of the exact reason for why it needed to stop... As her mind scrambled against the powerful roll of his tongue running in long strokes over and between her labia, she realized that it didn’t really matter now, did it? Her virtue had already been taken already- it really was too late to try saving it for anyone…

She made up her mind, and began to gently rub and pull at his soft ears as his tongue roved deeper and deeper, making her moan and squeal. This was her body and she would do with it as she pleased. If she wanted to let her dog give her pleasure, so be it. No one was going to stop her.

Her mind clouded with lust and she found herself instinctively leaning back and spreading her legs for him. Animalistic lust wiped the last traces of modesty from her mind.

Clause instantly took advantage of his newly given access and buried his nose deeper. Jane was surprised by the length of his tongue as she felt it delve deep into her pussy. She cried and moaned, till she covered her mouth with one hand, only to discover that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stifle the noises as they erupted out of her with each delicious lick. Afraid of hurting his ears, she grabbed hold of the sheets. Jane gasped helplessly until finally the warm glow that he’d ignited in her stomach grew too intense to bear, and she finally had to reach down to push him off as she shuddered uncontrollably.

He gave her a hurt look and she pulled him against her body, where he went limp in her arms, allowing her to cuddle him. She’d never experienced the warm glow before and it lingered in her loins and up through her lower belly. Unsure of what to do about the strange and powerful sensation, she simply rubbed her thighs together, gently stimulating her labia until it finally subsided enough.

After recovering slightly, Jane rolled onto her knees, and reached across to her bedside table, intending to hide the candle sticks in a drawer. Clause, not yet satisfied, nuzzled right into her pussy, licking frantically, his force almost pushing her off the bed.

She reached out to grab the table for balance and clambered back onto the bed. She tried to turn to scold him, but before a word had left her mouth she was overcome with the intensity of his tongue’s renewed lapping at her juices. She gasped and turned to push her face deep into her pillow, stifling her cries of pleasure. After a moment, she almost instinctively reached back with her hands to spread her ass cheeks wider, trying to give him better access.

Without warning, Clause lurched forward and gripped at her waist with his front paws. She felt him thrust at her wildly but aimlessly.

Jane had seen enough animals mating on her farm to know what he was up to, and to know that maybe this was more than she had bargained for. With one hand she grabbed a foreleg and tried to pull him off, while twisting out of his way. She sat with her side to him and he continued his attempt to mount her, his hips still thrusting as his front paws clambered at her arm and shoulder. She raised her knee towards her chest to help form a barrier as she sat before him.

Undaunted, his tongue continued to maul her with little kisses. He caught her neck and ears with his tongue again. Jane blushed as she felt her nipples harden again. This wasn’t something she wanted- it was her body that was responding, not her.

Clause’s front paws danced from side to side with excitement. He whined softly, and his eyes seemed to plead with her. She felt strangely torn. She loved him deeply, and she knew he loved her, but a vague sense of uneasiness told her that letting him take her as his mate would be wrong.

As Jane wracked her brain, wishing she could explain to him why it was wrong, she realized she simply didn’t know. The dog continued to dance around her and nudge at her with his nose. She grabbed his silky ears and rubbed them lovingly while she contemplated the situation.

…Maybe if she just did it once, she’d work out why it was wrong. She grimaced and shook her head, trying to dislodge the thought, but it held tight in her mind.

Her erect nipples and tingling pussy didn’t help matters, nor did the warmth of Clause’s body, or the effect of his soft kisses, of which he seemed to have an endless supply. She had to think of something else… But now that that thought had somehow crept into her mind, she couldn’t think of anything. 

“Damn it!” she cupped her face with her hands, and rubbed her face against her palms, as though it might help her think. Instead she realized that her body was aching for a taste of the forbidden.

Her hands slid down her face till her fingers rested over her nose. She looked him in the eye. “Just this once, ok?  Just to see what it’s like...”

Clause seemed to respond with a big doggy grin. His tail never stopped wagging. Hesitantly, Jane turned and resumed her four legged position, with her ass towards him. Anxiety began to creep into her stomach, but before she could change her mind, he was licking her again. She quickly buried her face in her pillow to stifle her moans.

She braced herself as he clumsily mounted her, and wondered if she was a terrible person for even considering this. Clause thrusted frantically with his (surprisingly bony) tip at empty air a few times before she realized that he wouldn’t find her opening on his own- this was her last chance to turn back.

Jane suddenly felt like she was looking at the scene from somewhere outside her body. She saw herself, a filthy degenerate about to embark on an unspeakably disgusting activity. On the cusp of separation from social acceptance, she’d be worse than even a prostitute if she went through with this. Her breath caught in her lungs as she realized the question now was, “How far could she go?”

From her outside vantage, she watched herself reach back between her legs, catching hold of the slick, dripping red cock with her hand. She guided it to just outside her entrance and held it there, again hesitating- if she let herself do this, she knew there was no going back…

Clause made the decision for her. Humping forward, his smooth slimy penis slid through her fingers and in past her labia. Clause instantly took his cue and pushed deep into her and began fucking her furiously. She could feel something growing larger inside her with each thrust as hot semen began to spurt inside, filling her with his warm bestial seed.

As her world began to go white with pleasure, she realized that she didn’t give two shits if something this amazing was wrong. Her wildest dreams could not have concocted a scene as erotic as this; his balls slapping against her clit as his cock seemed to grow impossibly large inside her. She screamed into the pillow and felt his claws dig into her sides painfully, but all she could do was thrust back at him and angle her hips to try and take him deeper.

She thought she might go insane from the intensity of it all.

His manic thrusts suddenly ended, but his hot seed kept pumping into her and she shuddered and moaned lustfully. She loosened her grip on the goose down pillow, clenched between her teeth. The two were locked together, panting heavily, as the pressure built inside her with each spurt of the member locked deep inside her. Soon, Jane became aware of the trickle of dog semen dribbling across her engorged pink labia and down her thighs. It was a sensation she could get used to, she thought greedily.

Sharp claws dug into her skin, making her squeal as Clause tried to dismount. Before she could react he was trying to get his back leg over her, but for some reason his penis was stuck still inside her. For a moment, Jane felt panic rise in her chest, but as she reached back, she could feel where his swollen member connected them. Maybe this was why having sex with a dog was wrong...?

Finally Clause managed to get his leg over and they found themselves ass to ass, Jane still exploring with her fingers. He pulled away slightly and a swollen bulge throbbed against her fingertips. The sensation inside her caused another shudder.

Hot, watery semen continued to gush into her, further clouding her mind with lust with every pulsating spurt. Her fingers glided from the bulge down to her clitoris, the whole area slick with dog semen, and began to rub.

Right as she felt she was about to orgasm again, Clause’s penis, not yet fully deflated, suddenly pulled out of her as sudden flood of semen poured from the gaping opening left behind.

The sudden, disgustingly erotic, sloppy sensation of the knot pulling out was overwhelming. She fell forward into the pillow and squirmed around rubbing her body, enjoying the pleasant tingle that filled her every muscle. Giddiness overpowered her as she grabbed a breast with one hand, and rubbed furiously at her now-all-too-empty hole with the other. She forgot everything until something cold touched her wrist. She opened her eyes to see Clause, trying to lick her clean again.

For the first time she saw his fully erect penis and understood what must have happened. There was a large bulb towards the base of his penis. That was why she’d felt so impossibly full. She wondered if it was normal, but realized she couldn’t exactly ask anyone in town about it. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs for him. As he buried his face in her vagina once more, she grasped his hips. She tugged him to her, and scooted a little closer so that her face was directly below his member.

  Her body tingled pleasantly from the orgasm still lingering in her system. Now this hot, wet, red, swollen thing shook and twitched just above her face, with Clause’s movements, as he eagerly lapped away the traces of evidence that slowly leaked from her empty hole. She couldn’t have stopped if she wanted to. Her tongue extended tentatively towards his tip, and a single salty drop fell onto her tongue. As her tongue retracted, her lips met his tip, and her mouth slowly took in his erection. His slick penis slid in and she marveled at the warmth as she ran her tongue along his length, tasting her own juices mixed with his. As his tongue brought her close to another exhausting orgasm, she let go of his penis, half afraid to hurt him, half unsure of his flavor. It wasn’t at all like her own, which she’d come to enjoy while playing with herself.

For Jane, fucking Clause quickly became a daily habit, but that didn’t stop her continuous quest to find more things to ruin her hole. She still wanted that to happen. Needed it to.

Amongst her favorites items were a couple of heavy glass bottles, and a round metal canteen. The canteen was painted brown and dented from too many drops, particularly around the curved bottom, giving it the most fantastic texture as is would glide in.

Once she saved up seven eggs, boiled them, and lay back on her bed, gently easing them up into her pussy one by one. The first three slid in easily enough. The fourth knocked against the others delightfully, and the fifth egg made her shudder as she felt the eggs grind slightly against each others.

Jane looked at the last two and wondered how she could fit them in too... She felt positively stuffed, but it wasn’t enough. Not yet. Her pussy still ached for more.

She picked up the sixth egg and slid it up inside herself until it touched the clutch stored inside her. Gently using her fingers to readjust them, she felt her vagina expand as the egg was forced securely into place, filling her to capacity.

Then she took the seventh and slid it up until it knocked against the sixth, gently trying to force it the rest of the way in, but eventually gave up. Afraid to break them, she just let the seventh rest in her birthing channel.

She marveled at the elasticity of her body and massaged her clitoris, bringing herself to orgasm. As her muscles clenched, the egg in her canal suddenly slid out of her and plopped onto the bed. Instantly, her orgasm seemed to intensify and she lost control of her limbs, spamming uncontrollably for a second.

Basking in the afterglow, Jane noted that just like when Clause pulled out his un-deflated knot, the sudden birthing of the spherical egg had unmistakably added to the rush. 

She sat up and gave a little push with her muscles. One by one three more plopped out onto the bed, slick and glistening with her juices. She pushed a little more, but in the end she had to reach inside of herself to pull out the final three. There was something indescribably erotic about keeping eggs inside herself.

One morning, before going to town, she put on her corset and found that with her waist bound so tight, she could only fit three eggs inside herself.

With a tightly bound waist, she felt sexy, and with a pussy full of eggs, she felt so incredibly stuffed. The summer heat had been particularly oppressive, so egg and vegetable production on her farm had been lower than usual- meaning she could ride to town on her horse with packs, rather than needing the cart.

She loaded up her eggs, dairy, and vegetables, and pulled herself up into Duke’s saddle. Sitting sidesaddle, she discovered a new pleasure. With each step the horse took, she could feel the eggs shift inside her, pressing pleasantly against her bladder. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t ignore the sensation.

As they approached town, she wondered if she’d made a terrible mistake. She could hardly keep her composure, but she also couldn’t get caught with her hand stuffed inside herself, trying to pull them out. She dismounted before the first building, and tried to walk gracefully, leading Duke along with her. If anyone asked she could say it was because she didn’t want him overheating.

On her way to the grocer she was stopped by the priest, the old widow Eliza Moore, and Eliza’s senile sister Irma, with whom she chatted for a bit. But her mind kept wandering away from the conversation at hand. She couldn’t stop thinking about her egg stuffed pussy- about how scandalized they would be if they could only know. What would they say?

“…You need to be careful Jane, buy yourself a donkey,” Eliza suggested, her white hair was pulled into a tight bun, high on her head. It contrasted starkly with the black widow dress she’d worn since Jane could remember.

“Why would I need a donkey?” Jane struggled to remember the topic.

“I heard they make terrific guards for goats,” Eliza adjusted the delicate lace parasol that rested on her shoulder. The mottled shadow it cast shifted across her hawk like face.

Irma blinked innocently, like a sleepy owl, “What’s she protecting against?”

Jane thanked her mentally.

"I just explained, dear! They don’t know if it’s Coyotes or something else, just that the families around here keep losing their livestock to something vicious. I think it’s a bear with the rabies!”

“Now, now! I don’t think we need to start a scare with baseless rumors! I think it’s best to let local authorities deal with it and pray for these attacks to end” the young priest persuaded. 

“I scarcely think many farmers around here can afford a new donkey or mule every time an animal gets eaten in these parts,” Jane said before excusing herself to run her errands for the week.

  By the time the two finally returned home, Jane’s stomach was aching from the constant pressure of the eggs and the corset. The moment Duke pulled up to the barn door, she hopped down, flung the barn door wide, and squatted just inside.

 She fumbled with her skirts and slipped two fingers inside her tunnel till they were either side of the first egg. With a deep breath, she closed her eyes, wrinkled her nose, and pushed. An involuntary grunt escaped as she focused on bearing down on her clutch.

The eggs shifted and ground against each other, causing a very subtle, but distinct sensation. She pulled her fingers further apart, widening her tunnel slightly with her fingers, and suddenly the egg slid into the tunnel. As she pulled her fingers out, the egg rushed out with a wet plop and landed with a soft thud in sand between her feet. The sensation of giving birth, even to something as small as an egg, left her tingling and she found herself feeling slightly disappointed when she realized that there were only two more buried inside her.

Jane pushed again, but found that this time, the eggs wouldn’t budge. Inserting her fingers once more, she felt the two remaining eggs grind against each other as they shifted into position. She gasped slightly as she withdrew her fingers and the eggs moved together in a single motion. The corset added to her giddiness as she gasped for breath, giving her the sensation of being far more full than she really was.

With another push they slid gently through her passage, caressing her tunnel from the inside. She subconsciously bit her lower lip as she tried to relax her birthing muscles, hoping to slow down their descent and savor the sensations. A sharp shudder ran up through her shoulders as the eggs reached her entrance, and fell from her into the dirt.

She touched the belly where the eggs left her feeling empty, but relieved, now that her organs had a little more room. For a moment she just stared at the wet clutch that lay in the dirt, wondering if she could train herself to take more, even with the corset…

With a blast of hot breath down her neck, Duke jolted her back from her daze. He pressed his velvet soft nose against her skin; he was tired, hot, and hungry from their trip.

As she rose to her feet she gently pushed the eggs to one side with her foot, then continued with her normal routine. She enjoyed feeling the combination of corset and eggs, but a whole day into town was perhaps a little too much. Perhaps what surprised her most as she recovered from her escapade was the almost immediate desire to fill herself again. She noticed that the more she thought about what she’d done, the more noticeably empty she felt. A feeling of need began to nag at her, till she could barely think of anything else.

A cloud of dust that rose as she brushed Duke’s coat made her cough. At the sound, Clause trotted in through the barn door to investigate. She talked to him about her day and asked him questions to which he just panted and wagged his tail. He sat beside Duke’s back legs and watched her work the horse over. When she led Duke to his paddock, Clause stood to sniff at the shopping she’d brought home that day.

She returned a moment later with her empty feed bucket, finding that Clause had discovered the eggs and was excitedly licking them over. His ruby red member poked out beneath his belly and she felt a sudden pang of excitement run through her. She set her bucket down by the sack of oats and called Clause over to a nice soft pile of clean straw.

His tail wagged wildly, seeming to cause his entire body to shake as he ran to her. He whined softly and pawed at her ankles as she pulled her skirts up and knelt into the straw. She felt filthy, knowing that he could smell the moisture grow between her labia, which made her even hornier. As soon as her knees hit the straw he began to mount, the tip of his penis thrusting wildly until her fingers caught it and guided him to where she needed him most. In a single thrust he penetrated her. His strong grip around her waist held her to him, and

Jane felt her mind cloud over as she gave into animalistic lust. All she was aware of was his breath in her ear, his large fury body, the powerful muscles of his limbs, and his member pulsating spurt after spurt of hot semen deep into her womb. She was delirious with pleasure as he filled her and his knot began to swell inside.

Usually when they fucked, she was naked, but with her corset tightly bound around her waist, his member felt so much larger. With all her organs tightly compacted, his seed overflowed almost instantly. It trickled down her thighs, until his knot grew too large and the stream was blocked.

She fell onto her elbows and moaned into the straw. His semen kept squirting, and her body began to shake as an earth shattering orgasm spread through her. In her ecstasy she was completely oblivious to her screams and cries of pleasure, unaware that she was crying “Fuck me! Please! Yes! FUCK ME!!! Oh my god! Yeeees!”

Clause panted as he released hot spurts of semen hard up against her cervix. Jane’s knees felt weak as the growing sensations overwhelmed her. The pressure was building up impossibly, until she reached back with a finger and slipped it in alongside his cock, breaking the seal as she stretched herself even wider. A stream of dog semen gushed out of her pussy around the finger and trickled over her hand, into the straw beneath them.

When he tried to turn around, she held him firmly by one paw, enjoying the warmth of his body against hers. A droplet of drool slid down her shoulder and she giggled in a combination of ticklishness and euphoria. His member continued twitch and throb, still  pumping semen into her, until his knot finally subsided and she released her grip, allowing him to dismount. She kept her ass in the air for him to lap away their combined juices, his warm, thick tongue delving deeply into her ravaged hole, enticing sharp gasps of pleasure from her. She dug her fingers into the dirt and straw and squirmed helplessly when he withdrew his tongue to lap the last traces of his cum from her labia and clit.

When he turned to lick his penis clean, she rolled over and pulled her skirt back down over her legs. As she turned to sit up in the straw, her eyes caught a silhouette standing in the barn doorway. Her heart skipped a beat. For a short eternity they stared at each other, dumbfounded. How much had he seen? Jane recognized Kristopher from the post office. She didn’t know him, much less if he would instantly tell everyone in town, or kindly let her be. She opened her mouth to speak, but panic caught in her throat.

As if a spell had been lifted, he suddenly shook his head and backed out of the building saying, “I go.” That was her confirmation: He knew exactly what she’d done.

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