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Chapter 5

Written by SheilaStretch of SheilaStretch.LegitKink.net
Edited by Mr. S

As Jane washed the last traces of egg yolk and toast crumbs off her plate, the first rays of morning were only just beginning to creep through sun bleached curtains.


She contemplated knocking on her guest’s bedroom door to see if he wanted breakfast, but thought better of it- townsfolk weren’t usually accustomed to waking up as early they did on farms, she remembered. Instead, she turned and headed out to the garden.


The world outside was muddy and grey, the storm having turned the cracked sand that surrounded her farm into deep, sticky sludge. Seeing the garden for the first time since the storm, her heart dropped. It was a mess.


Plants lay strewn in every direction. Tomatoes and yams lay half buried in the mud, and several of the okra plants had toppled over, their shallow roots unearthed and washed clean by the night's torrent. Hiking up her skirt in her hands, she waded through the mud to the vegetable patch to try and rescue what she could.


 Carefully, Jane dislodged, propped up, and cleaned up anything that looked salvageable. The plants with broken stems were doomed, but the garden began to a look at least a little better as she made her way up and down the rows. The wilted leaves visibly perked up in the morning light.


She tried to take comfort in the thought that she wouldn’t have to use water from her well for the next few days at least - maybe even a week or so… but she still couldn’t help but feel helpless at the sight of all the withered plants that still flopped pathetically in the sticky mud.

Finally, having done all she could for her rain-battered garden, Jane turned and headed in the direction of the barn. The barn door was partially open as she walked towards it, but with her mind on her plants, she hardly noticed- till she almost collided with Kristopher as he stepped through the narrow opening.

 “Gut morning!” he said cheerfully.


“W-What were you doing in there?” even as the words came out, Jane instantly realized that wasn’t the polite thing to say… but if Kristopher noticed, he gave no sign.


Waving one long-fingered hand towards the inside of the barn behind him, he gestured at Nina, his golden mare, swishing her white tail and chomping a mouthful of feed.


“I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t find you zis morning to ask- I used your brushes to groom her and I gave her a little of your feed.”


Already struggling to feed her own animals, Jane wasn’t ok with this news at all, but the words caught in her throat. Besides, it wasn’t like she could be so rude to a guest- even if he had appeared unexpectedly.


When she didn’t manage to respond, he asked, “Eh, I don’t suppose I could bother you for a little coffee before I go on my way?”


Jane couldn’t help but notice her mood lift to almost match his. All she had to do was give him coffee, and he’d leave? She smiled and ushered him back to the cabin with her.


Kristopher ended up wolfing down several fried eggs, toast, blueberry pie form the night before, and two cups of coffee. Jane wilted a little on the inside. When she’d asked if he wanted a little something to eat, she’s expected it to cost her an egg and some toast at worst.


Now she found herself worrying about how this would affect her in the week to come. She’d been very careful about her portion sizes, to make sure everything would last as long as possible, especially with the season’s harvest looking the way it was. She tried her best not to think too much about it as she listened politely to the latest news from town.


Eventually Kristopher informed her, apologetically, that he had to be on his way, and she walked with him out onto the porch. Right when she thought he’d finally be on his way he turned to her.


“Miss Valton, you have been very kind to me, and I am sincerely grateful.” With an almost irresistible smile he brought her hand to his mouth, and grazed the back of it with his whickers and surprisingly gentle lips. She was left reeling as he disappeared to the barn, saddled his horse, and headed back to town. The touch of his kiss lingered on her hand as she watched him ride away.


Alone on the farm, with nothing but her thoughts, and chores, Jane found herself remembering the way his lips felt against her hand, and wondering how they would feel on her cheek- her lips. Brushing these 'silly' thoughts away, Jane mucked out the barn, then lay down fresh straw bedding in the stalls, all the while turning the last day's new developments over and over in her mind.


By the time sunset rolled across the sky like a tattered shawl of orange and pink, Jane had turned an idea into a solid plan of action. Starting tonight, she decided, unbuttoning her shirt, she was going to double her efforts to wreck and permanently ruin her vagina beyond use for anyone's pleasure but her own. Just running through the details of her wicked plan was enough to shorten her breath, a quiver of excitement running through her lithe form. Her fingers fumbled with her corset strings as she mentally listed the different things she could use to stretch herself.


Really, the end-goal was something she'd already been working towards in her mind, but now, with the introduction of Kristopher, she had a tangible motivator- something to really spur her on.  She pulled off her skirt and petticoat slung them over the open door of her armoire.


If Kristopher ever did force himself on her, she thought with an impish smirk, how would he react when he realized he wasn't anywhere near big enough to even touch the sides of her massively wrecked hole?


Jane tugged off her bloomers, and stockings, before hopping into bed. Spreading her legs and using her fingers to pull herself wide open, she looked down and tried to imagine how her 'ruined' cunt would gape so wide that he’d be struck silent in horror, quickly realizing he'd made a terrible mistake…


By the time Clause nudged the bedroom door open, stopping to watch from the doorway for a moment, Jane was panting on the bed, her fist already halfway buried inside herself. Finding that her knuckles were just slightly too wide to fit, she was too preoccupied, trying to twist and push her hand into herself to notice the dog until he snuffled his cold wet nose against her ribs.


The energetic pit-bull knew her smell all too well, and wasn’t going to let her keep all the fun to herself. He began nudging and pawing excitedly at the naked woman who happily let him lick her juicy wet fingers clean.


The moment he decided there was nothing left worth licking from her fingers, he heaved himself (with a little help from her) onto the bed. He had that look in his eyes: alert and ready for the slightest invitation. Remembering the hot water her last coupling with Clause had landed her in, Jane knew she should refuse, but the memory of the powerful beast's member thrusting and pounding, thickening and growing inside her until it'd knotted them together proved too much a temptation to resist. And besides, in a strange way, it almost felt… unkind to deny her loving pet what he so clearly wanted- even needed.


Clause didn’t understand his mistress’s worries- all he knew was that she’d been willing to have sex at least once a day for as long as his short memory could recall, and that this short break was too frustrating to bear. He forced his nose between her legs to sniff the faint smell of her arousal giving away her own desires. Without waiting for permission his warm, eager tongue darted out, lapping her hungrily.


If she was having any second thoughts before, the electric shocks of pleasure his tongue sent through her body made her forget all about them. She leant back and spread her legs so he could get his tongue deeper, and lifter he hips off the bed as she panted helplessly. He stepped back, and she flipped onto her knees.


Before she could even ask him to mount her, she felt the familiar grip of paws around her hips, his claws digging into her sides as his body pressed against hers. His pointy tip deftly found its mark and slid wetly into her ready opening. She felt paws tighten their grip on her, as he began thrusting into her like his life depended on it.


Almost immediately, the dog’s warm seed began to pulse and throb into her, quickly flooding her needy hole. Feeling as though she actually sense the increasing amounts of cum being pumped into her with each powerful thrust, Jane wished it would never end. She wanted him to fill her till her stomach bulged with it, and then for him to keep filling her until she just couldn’t take any more.


Eventually, Claus’s thrusts slowed. Jane tried to keep hold of a paw to stop him from dismounting, but he stubbornly managed to tug a leg free, and turned so that they were locked back to back.


There, stuck to her dog, Jane continued to savor each pulse of bestial cum as he continued to fill her, shuddering when his bulbous cock finally pulled loose, sending cum gushing down her inner thighs in a way that drove her wild.





Even before her little ‘break’ (however short it’d been) Jane had already been near insatiable- unable to resist the urge to couple with her four-legged companion at least once a day- but after even just a short pause in the routine her body had come to expect -  No, to need, it was as if a dam had been broken.


Before she knew it, Clause was pawing and attempting to mount her several times a day every day. Each time he tried to mount her, she relented and the dog quickly learning that he could demand to fuck her any time he wanted. No matter how many times he used Jane, it was never enough for her.


The more he fucked her, the more she wanted it… He’d fuck her so ferociously- so quickly... Often in the course of his frantic, animal thrusting, Jane actually found that Clause finished before she had time to actually orgasm herself- but somehow, she wasn’t bothered in the least.


Each time, after his slick, swollen member finally slid from her hole with a wet plop, leaving trails of bestial seed running in rivulets down her thighs, she’d just find something larger to slide into her cum soaked hole, always pushing onward in her quest to satisfy her body’s unyielding hunger for more.


Bottles, candle sticks- squash from her garden. She loved the feeling of her toys slicked with his cum, spurred on by the idea that each thrust pushed the dog’s cum deeper into her body, and the knowledge that her hole was going to be unusable when she was done with it. Even the lewd noises her ever-loosening hole made as she pumped her toys in and out of it gave her a sense of deep, perverted satisfaction.




The first few times Clause’s bulging knot slipped out as soon as he’d cum (instead of the usual delightful sensation of his it being too large to slide out of her while it pumped her full of seed)- that’s when she really began questioning herself.


She’d grown so used to his knot being big enough to get him stuck deep inside her (sometimes for nearly 20 minutes at a time), but she knew that if she continued stretching herself the way she’d been doing, she’d definitely never feel that special sensation of being tied to her dog again…


She could still felt the exhilarating sensation of his knot pulling free from her as he roughly dismounted, but she suspected that with enough time, her uncontrollable urge to be stretched would quickly make that into a distant memory too.


Was she taking this whole thing too far? Clause’s fully engorged knot was definitely wider than those men who’d cornered her in her barn…


But no- she was long past the point of being able to reign in her own desires- that much was clear as she looked down at her gaping hole, feeling an aching sense of need as she imagined how ragged and wide her opening might someday become, a permanently wrecked entrance that refused to close, even the largest of objects only barely able to tease her loose walls….


An involuntary shudder of arousal twisted its way through her body. Why was she like this? At the start, she’d wanted to be able to look down and know with absolute certainty that no man could ever enjoy her body again… but now- if she was honest with herself- she knew she simply couldn’t stop anymore. She was in too deep - that feeling of being pushed to her absolute limits- stretched till she ached… It was like a drug. Nothing was going to sway her- not even the slight twinge sadness she felt as she wondered how much longer her dog would even want to fuck her...



The next time Jane rode into town, she had only eggs and cheese to sell since so few of her vegetables had survived the storm. She cringed as she stepped into Murphy’s Grocery and saw none other than Lucinda Murphy bringing a hefty sack of flour to another customer at the front, a short, homely lady from a nearby farm who went by Agatha.


Mr. Murphy had been letting Jane run up a tab, but his wife Lucinda had little patience for his generosity, particularly since the long drought bringing such lean times.


“G’morning!” Lucinda called over her shoulder, as the bell above the door loudly announced Jane’s presence.


“Morning!” she replied. Jane wished she could just disappear, but Lucinda seemed too preoccupied with Agatha’s tale of the goat-eating alligator in her pond, to pay Jane much attention. Jane set her wares by the counter, as usual, and she went about picking up some of the items she needed for the week.

When she finally headed to the counter, Jane’s cheeks burned warm with embarrassment. The eggs and cheese she'd brought to sell would cover some of the cost, but even before hearing the total, Jane already knew it wouldn't be enough.


Knowing how Lucinda felt about credit, there was a good chance she’d be turned away this week; the goods she’d brought might just go towards paying off the sum of debt that had been growing for weeks. Lucinda waved Mrs. Mince out of the store, and turned her smile to Jane.


Jane left Murphy’s in a daze. Her cart now filled with all the items she’d hoped to pick up, plus two crates of jams that Lucinda insisted she’d been instructed to give to Jane. Mrs. Murphy cheerfully sent her eldest son to help load the cart, then leant forward conspiratorially to congratulate Jane for snagging such a handsome and generous man, before going back to her work.


A small part of her felt relieved at the turn of events: suddenly a great weight had been lifted from her chest. Her pride however, felt distinctly battered. It had to be Kristopher; she just knew! How dare he force charity on her like this!? Anger started to bubble up, and she struggled to keep her composure.


Lucinda clearly thought there was something going on between the two of them. The Murphy family was good at keeping things to themselves, but it wouldn’t be long before rumors started to fly. Tears pricked at her eyes at the indignity of it all. No, she absolutely mustn’t cry on the side of the road; that would only make things worse.

Jesus, he might as well have stood on a soap box in the middle of town and announced that something secret was going on! It felt as though Kristopher had just gone ahead and put down a deposit for this bizarre sex act he was so desperate to see. She’d wanted to just refuse the goods she’d picked up, but knew it would only bring more attention to the situation and make any rumors tenfold worse. Besides, Jane knew she wasn’t doing well enough to just turn her nose up at these supplies.


Resentment boiled up at the feeling that she’d been cornered into accepting this unwanted transaction…. And yet, she felt painfully uncomfortable at the idea of accepting these things, and refusing to give anything in return... Especially something as simple as a glimpse of something she did daily with Clause anyway…


Jane took a deep breath, and tried to decide what to do next. After spending the past few years paying off the last of her father’s debts, the thought of being indebted to someone else again was horrifying, especially if it was for sexual favors.


She needed to deal with this immediately; her feet began to march her toward the post office before her brain had even made a decision. She faltered though, when she realized confronting him right there in town would only make things worse. Whatever happened, it would have to be on her property, where the walls had no ears.


The young woman chewed her lip thoughtfully for a moment before making herself turn back toward Duke and her cart where they waited halfway up the street, and started walking. She wasn’t far when her eye was caught by some of the new stock in the potter’s front window. Behind the glass pane sat inkwells, a washbowl, mugs, pitchers, pudding pans, and other assorted odds and ends- but what caught her eye was a sack of colourful, glossy marbles.


Their draw-string bag was open at the top and the rim pulled down to show off all the different marbles adorned with colorful flowers, and all sorts of patterns. Since the incident with Kristopher, she’d made a game of finding anything that could work as toys. A wicked smile crept to her lips as the possibilities played across her inner eye.  


Jane had often felt like there was unused space inside her when she tried to stretch herself. She’d often wished she could find something a little less solid to play with… but as she stared at the way the marbles filled out that fat little sack, she began to wonder how they would feel inside her; sliding in one by one till she felt heavy with them...


If they filled her the way she hoped, she might even put in an order for Mr. White to make her another batch… Then another more deviant though crossed her mind. What if she filled herself with so many that it made her belly bulge? What if her stomach became hard with their mass buried inside her? The image made her empty hole ache with longing. Surely no man would want to see something as grotesque as that!


But first things first, she needed to get her hands on the marbles in the window and see if they were as fun as they looked before she let herself get carried away with her wild imagination.  


Over the past few months Jane wouldn’t have dreamt of picking up something so frivolous, but today her debt was completely cleared and she had an unexpected influx of jam jars kindly donated by Kristopher. Jane strode into the little pottery shop, where the young Theodor White sat reading a magazine. The skinny sixteen year old set his spectacles on the counter top and stood to great her.


“If I came by with two jars of jam, would you part with that bag of marbles in the window?”


“Make it three,” the apprentice gave her a sideways look.


“Done! Loganberry, huckleberry, or blackberry?” Jane paused long enough to hear his answer before leaving, and returned a moment later with one blackberry and two loganberry jars.


            The boy was beaming as he drew the string tight and tied it before handing them to her. Moments later she was heading back to her horse and cart with a delightfully heavy bag in her hand.


That night, after her dinner had had time to settle in her stomach, Jane sat back in her armchair with one of the jam jars Kristopher bought. She’d oiled it up, and was trying everything she could think of to get it in. She altered the angle, twisted it, shoved it, tried to sit on it, and even used her fingers in an attempt to stretch herself around it.


Only when her opening started to ache too much, did she finally give up and go to the kitchen to find a little liquor. The jam jar didn’t seem that much thicker than her fist, and she suspected that the only reason she couldn’t get her own fist inside, was a lack of flexibility. It didn’t feel unreasonable to think she could get the ‘little’ jar inside herself.


Jane had bought herself a new bottle of rum since her first experiment. She only drank from it on nights when she wanted to really push her limits, but with Kristopher likely to come back to the farm any day now, it felt like she had a deadline to help her really push herself in her nightly stretching sessions. The jam jar seemed like a perfect goal to aim for. She was a little disgusted with herself for feeling a twisted delight that she had chosen to use one of the jars he’d given her.


The alcohol burned as it ran down her throat, but imagining Kristopher’s dismay as he slipped his member into her, and discovered she was already loose from the jar… The thought made her aching hole grow wet. She couldn’t understand why, but the idea of his disgust spurred her on. As devious and bizarre as her plan felt, she didn’t feel like she could stop now. The idea was just too much to resist.


The only problem was that Jane couldn’t think for the life of her how she’d get that little jar inside herself. She felt like she needed to find something smaller first and work her way up. All of her wax candles together weren’t wide enough to help her work up to something of this size, and now she couldn’t think or anything else that she could slowly build herself up with.


…And then her gaze settled on the sack of marbles she’d traded for earlier that day, sitting right there on the kitchen table. She took another swig of the rum and set it on the counter, and went to inspect the bag’s contents.


Each marble was glazed china, with unique patterns painted in various colors. There were blue flowers, a red zigzags, green stripes, yellow polka dots. They were so much nicer than the plain, clay balls she’d played with as a child. She picked a big one with green polka dots and rolled it around in her hand, feeling the smooth surface. The bag was rather big- she held her hands in two tight fists over it, then alongside it and decided that the volume of marbles was slightly more than her fists together.


Jane knew what she had to do next. She took the sack of marbles back to her room, and lay back on the bed. A small handful at a time she began stuffing marbles into herself, pushing them up against her hole and using her fingers to slide them as deeply into her slick opening as possible.


After a while she could feel them threatening to fall out, and wondered how many she had in there. She’d completely forgotten to count, but she could do that next time. For now she just needed to keep stuffing them in, so she lay back, and lifted her ass into the air to keep them from spilling out.


Now that she was starting to get full, she could clearly feel them moving around inside. Each new marble fought for space, and forced her to stretch just a little bit more. She noticed the bag was a little less than half full, and wondered how the space all those marbles occupied compared to Kristopher’s cock. He was quite tall and fit. She imagined he was well hung, but not enough to compete with these marbles. She forced some more into herself, greedily eager to fill herself till she couldn’t take any more.


Jane kept stuffing and stuffing, unable to stop herself from pushing them in harder and deeper, only pausing when the last marble sat between her labia and refused to go farther. At this point, the marbles seemed to have finished filling up the spacious area deep inside her that she had never been able to explore all of- then started forcing their way back up her little tunnel.


For a moment she contemplated just letting the last, unwilling marble fall out, but instead she clamped it hard against her entrance with her fingers.


Jane squirmed around, pleasantly feeling the marbles shift inside her, stretch her, and grind against each other, like some un-earthly batch of eggs hidden inside her. With tentative thrusts she ground her mound against her hand, feeling her palm force the marbles deeper. Her body ached pleasantly as it strained to accommodate so many.


She imagined Kristopher was there. That she’d just finished fucking the dog, and that the postman was forcing her down as she fought against him. In her fantasy he forced himself into her with a mighty thrust, only to find that he could barely feel a thing. The tip of his cock only barely grazing the back of her hole, and the sides of his shaft barely tickling her.


She imagined his look of surprise and confusion- dismay even- and she couldn’t help but use her free hand to grab and massage a breast. Her hips began to buck uncontrollably at the thought of him trying desperately to feel anything as he fucked her. He’d feel so emasculated and disgusted. Small whimpers escaped her lips as she ground ferociously against the marbles, and squeezed her own tits.


Another thought slipped in at the back of her mind. What if he was so disgusted that he told the other men in town? He’d be drinking at the bar some time later, and drunkenly tell his friends. Each one of them would be revolted, and wonder what she was doing, or who she was fucking to be so disgusting and loose. Without meaning to; she orgasmed harder than she ever had before. Her spine arched right back, and her legs spasmed. Some of the marbles slipped out, sending another wave of pleasure over her as they caressed her labia. The delicious sensation made her shudder and spasm uncontrollably.


For a moment she just lay there, wondering what was wrong with her. She didn’t want anyone in town to know anything about all this. That would be the worst thing imaginable! She didn’t even want Kristopher to fuck her. She needed to stop letting herself have fantasies like that. It was just shameful and wrong!


Jane was about to work out how to get all the marbles out, but then she had another devious idea- one to really speed her plans along. She grabbed a cotton scarf and folded it up, pushing it against her entrance to hold everything in place, then pulled her underwear up tightly to hold it all in place inside her.  


The marbles deep inside where still tightly packed, but with the ones that’d fallen out, there were only a few left in her tunnel now. Unable to resist her insatiable hunger to be stretched and filledto her absolute limits, she picked up the ones that had fallen out, and forced them back inside along the rest.


She set the little sack on her bedside table, and fell into a deep sleep with the marbles trapped inside her till the next morning.

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