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I'm putting this site together because I've had one too many sites enact overnight rule changes, suddenly declaring my kinks to be 'obscene,' then wiping months, even years of freely-given effort without warning. Recently, a story thread I'd started and worked on for over a year was suddenly declared 'against the new forum rules' and wiped clean, along with all of the comments and suggestions that come with over 40,000 reads. That was a little disheartening, to say the least, but at least it got me to finally put this site together, right?

I've been sharing and discussing my fetishes online for nearly 2 years now, asking nothing in return but a chance to openly share and discuss kinks I used to feel weird for even wondering about privately- hoping that it might help spread an atmosphere of open honesty about the 'weird' fetishes we all have, as well as a chance to discover and explore new kinks with the open minded people who tend to contact me over the things I share!

I do what I do for because I enjoy it, not because anyone 'convinced' or pays me to do it! (they don't :p)

What's this site for?


The purpose of this site (for now) is to collect all the videos, audioerotica, and stories, I've posted in one place where people can find them easily without having to dig through pages and pages of my Tumblr updates. I've had a lot of people ask me about that...

how can I support kink sharing like yours?

I've had a lot of people ask me how they could donate money or toys to help with my goals -more people than I could ever have anticipated before I started sharing- but since I never really had anything in place to receive that sort of stuff, nothing ever really came of it. 

For a bit, I looked into putting up higher resolution copies of my existing free videos on sites like Clips4Sale so 'serious' fans could vote with their wallets on their favorite videos and get a higher quality version of something they knew they'd enjoy in return... but I was discouraged to discover that many staples of my sex life like poppers, choking, or even fisting were banned content there :(


Legitkink: plans for the future

I'm currently working with a developer to try and build a place of my own where fans of kink will be able to pay once for permanent  access to HD copies of stuff we can't post elsewhere. Because I like the idea of spreading kink openness more than I am worried about making money, I intend to continue releasing my videos, pictures, stories, and audioerotica for free like I've done since the start.  

If things go well, I hope to turn this into a place where fellow kinksters can be rewarded for the effort of documenting and sharing their 'legit' kinks with the world in an atmosphere that specifically discourages people from "faking it" for money.                                                                                                                                                                            -

A little about SheilaStretch

I am a feedie, stuffer & 'size queen' with a plan to wreck my vagina until it permanently gapes ...And maybe throw in a bit of a surrogate pregnancy & birthing fetish for good measure...

I'm pretty into sounding (pee-hole stretching) too. My goal for that is to one day feel a man ejaculate inside me while burred to the hilt all the way inside my urethra. I do very much enjoy anal, but for now I'm mostly focusing on wrecking my vagina 'enough' before I worry about focusing on urethral and anal (basically, it just happens when the mood strikes)




More about me

I’m an (occasionally-swinging) married woman, 24, who loves being fisted and double fisted, and being jerked off inside of (as in full hand + cock being literally jerked off while inside me). One recent discovery is that we can fit Mr. S's Fleshlight insert all the way inside me and then I can have him fuck it: It’s our new favorite way to have sex (I like to pretend it’s some kind of alien parasite that lives off semen).

We enjoy the occasional swing, mostly me being used by other men, but once I got to watch Mr. S fuck another lady while a friend fucked me. I wasn’t enjoying my partner too much, but when I saw what my husband was doing to his partner, I had one of my strongest orgasms that night.

Are you into sub/dom stuff?

definitely  enjoy being dominated in the right situation. I prefer guy on top, choking me, manipulating my leg positions and flipping me over for different positions. The last time we had a threesome, if the guys took their eyes off me I’d try to escape (crawl away) and dear god it was hot when they dragged me back and held me down for my next fisting.





I also have a surrogacy/birthing fetish. I have given birth before. I'm happy with how things turned out, but we don’t need more… Except that I can’t get the thought of being full of squirming, writhing, kicking life out of my head. I miss my swollen belly, the uncertainty of what was inside me (I liked pretending it was an alien) as it wriggled and stretched my body.

Most of our hospital visit wasn’t super fun, but the one thing I can’t get out of my head, was the exact moment the baby shot out of me. My taught round belly suddenly deflated and went soft like a soft, squishy water balloon. It might not sound sexy, but I was pretty blown away by the experience. I couldn’t stop playing with my suddenly deflated belly. desperately want to feel that sudden suction as a baby slides out of me again (Related: I'm wired to orgasm extra hard if a toy falls out of me quickly, or if someone jerks their balled fist out of me suddenly :p)



My ultimate goal is to be stretched till my vagina just sags open. Mr. S loves it when he can hardly feel me as we fuck. I’ve got 9 vaginal piercings, one joystick through my clit hood, and eight labia piercings that I intend to gauge up and someday fit my fingers through so that I can tug on my labia, stretching and spreading them apart. I also have my nipples and belly button pierced, but other than my labia, I only anticipate gauging my nipples… probably.


Mr. S and I are both huge Dragonfly fans and enjoy other similar erotica. We also enjoy writing so I’m almost always writing and preparing a few stories for the web myself. I’m really lucky to have an editor like Mr. S - there’s no way I’d be able to catch all my weird little mistakes otherwise!.

At the moment, I'm working on Chapter 5 of "Alone on the Farm: Jane Wrecks Her Hole." Keep an eye out!





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