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Videos released so far...

I actually have much more than this recorded, but I edit them all by myself. I handle all clipping out the boring parts and censoring identifying bits of my face... and so this is what I've managed to get posted online for now. For those of you interested, HD versions of each of these videos will be made available here in the future, so keep checking back!

The videos are listed in roughly in the order they were filmed from newest to oldest.

Latest release: Filled with eggs by my Splorch ovipositor (pt 2)

I ran out of eggs, but still not feeling stretched out enough, I used my Splorch to add a handful of ben-wa balls into the mix. I fuck myself with the ovipositor until I cum, then squat and birth out my little clutch.

Filled with eggs by my Splorch ovipositor (pt 1)

I struggle to get the eggs into my new Splorch ovipositor, but with a little help, I end up orgasming over and over as each egg is ‘laid’ in me :p

Fisted & Jerked Off Inside Of

Ace of Spades

Eggplant and Whisk Orgasms

fisted on all fours, then fucked- and because I'm a loose slut, I made Mr. S jerk off in me- full hand + cock all the way inside. I fucked back *hard* until we both finally came <3

I masturbate with my ace of spades plug, got eaten out, THEN birthed the spade... And then I get greedy and use it to orgasm some more
I bring myself to orgasm with a whisk after showing off my g-spot... then the eggplant comes out :)

Speculum Play and Fisting

Giant Inflatable Dildo with Cum Inflation Fantasy

Inflatable dildo & urethral
orgasms w/ sounding rod

I finger my g-spot to warm myself up, then had Mr. S fist while I talked about my piercings. Next, he puts some ben-w a balls inside me, and fisted me with them in there before pulling them all out of my loose hole at once. Afterwards, I tried out a speculum, and you can see one or two of the balls in my vagina.

I bring myself to orgasm a few times with my giant inflatable dildo, while fantasizing about how it would feel if I had a dildo that could fill me to overflowing with cum... After I show the camera where my clit is, I talk about my plans for permanently enlarging it, amongst a few other things...
This is pt. 2 of the pee hole orgasms video I last posted (about 3 months ago before IRL summer stuff slowed things to a crawl :p).
Not satisfied with the amount of stretching I was getting from the last rod I used, I decided to move up to using a larger size. And then the inflatable dildo comes out...

Speculum gape &
pee-hole orgasms with
a sounding rod

Inflatable birthing with fishnets

Parking lot inflatable orgasm

 I filled my hole, using a speculum to hold me open, gaping me nice and wide. It turns out I can sound deeper without the speculum, but I still had a purely urethral orgasm or two :D
After I spent the day doing errands filled, with my inflatable toy, I decided I still wasn't done, and birthed it on the bed when we got home. Check my blog for the rest.
After we ate out at the shopping center, we pulled into the parking lot of our local sex shop, and I decided to treat myself to a little orgasm before going in to look around

Public bathroom inflatable birthing

Self-fisting period play

Fat cucumber + 
sci-fi (alien egg) fantasy

I went out in a business suit, stuffed with my inflatable. I had to birth my inflatable before I could pee. Check my XH blog post to see the rest of the day's pics!
I pulled out my period cup, emptied the contents into the bath tub, and fisted myself while describing what my hand was doing inside me.
The cucumber was so wide I had to take a popper and sit on it to it in! I had orgasms to a sci-fi alien plant/egg fantasy :D

Dildo & fingers in ass +
bottle in pussy

Wine bottle fuck +
labia weights

Bottle fuck + inflatable birthing

A direct sequel to "Bottle Fuck & Weights". Up till this video I found it very difficult to insert just the small dildo in my ass. I'm definitely going to be doing this again.
Things got boring at our friend's bachelor party, so we grabbed an empty bottle of wine and snuck off to have some fun, when Mr. S fulfilled a fantasy I’ve had for a long time.
I fuck a bottle while doing poppers, switch to my inflatable dildo, which I pump up to maximum size and birthed. I also talk a bit about what it’s like to give birth.

Self-fisting + apple birthing

Over-stuffed pussy

Inflatable warm-up

I start out with an apple in my vagina (as requested by a fan). I reach inside to pull it out with my hand, but I’m not as roomy as I would like to be: so I give birth to it the old fashion way.
I fill myself with 2 ben wa balls, an inflatable dildo, and two dildos (more than I’ve tried before). When I put the 2nd dildo inside it's a little too intense til I take a popper.
I started the night by warming up with my inflatable dildo. The little clinking you hear is the be wa balls on the bed, not inside me (they go in for pts 2-3).

Self-fisting while holding toys

I fill myself with Ben Wa balls, dildos, and an inflatable dildo while talking about what it feels like, and finish with a small shuddering orgasm.

"I want to wreck my vagina, then fill my gaping hole with cum."

This is from about 4 months before my first ever post as SheilaStretch, almost immediately after discovering that Mr. S was actually okay  with letting me indulge in my 'wrecked holes' fetish.
Easily the oldest video I have shared by a long shot (you can tell by how I have less piercings than I do now :p), in this one, I spoke about my interest in "ruining" my vagina... Then had an orgasm while fantasizing about being filled with cum.
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